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Pride of Bracknell meets Hannah Embleton, the proud mother of Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight – John Nike – Young Person Award (Runner-Up, 2017)

As Pride of Bracknell Forest Awards 2019 approach, we caught up with Hannah Embleton, the proud mother of Oliver Knight, 2017 nominee for the Young Person Award. After Oliver’s birth in 2013, he has fought bravely through a serious heart condition. Oliver’s determination and strength motivated Hannah to nominate him for the Young Person’s Award, and Oliver achieved runner-up for his inspirational story.

You originally nominated Oliver, could you let us know why you nominated him for the John Nike – Young Person Award?

 The reason I nominated Oliver for the John Nike Young Person Award was because Oliver has a serious heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This means he only has half a heart. Since 2013, Oliver has endured 3 open heart surgeries; one when he was 3 days old, the second when he was around 3 months old, and his third open heart surgery he was just 2 and a half. These surgeries have not fixed Oliver’s heart, but it’s enabled him to be with us in this world today. At some point in life Oliver will need a heart transplant; it could be tomorrow, in a few months, or in a few years – we really don’t know so we live his life to the full. I thought he deserved to be entered for this award as he is so resilient and has been through so much while still having a lot to face. He just carries on; even if he’s having a really bad time, he fights through it all.

How is Oliver getting on since the 2017 Awards?

Oliver had to have a catheter procedure in June 2018 because of a long-term problem with low oxygen saturation levels, despite the heart surgeries. There were also other problems that Oliver needed treatment for, but once again he was such a strong boy and fought through it all.

What did you and Oliver think of the 2017 ceremony?

The ceremony was a brilliant night. The atmosphere was great! Everyone was happy and made me and Oliver feel very welcome. We also enjoyed the entertainment between the awards.

How did your family react to Oliver being shortlisted for the Award?

Oliver’s family and I were thrilled that Oliver was shortlisted for the award, as we all knew he deserved this so much for what he has been through.

Why do you think it is important to hold these Awards?

I think it’s important to hold these awards as there are people out there who have been, or are currently going, through difficult times. Also, there are people who have done so many good things or help others so they deserve recognition.