Honda named as Platinum Sponsor

Honda is the latest name to be revealed as a Platinum Sponsor for the Pride of Bracknell Forest Awards 2018.


Honda Logo

Honda is a multinational automobile, aircraft, motorcycle and power product manufacturer, with its UK and European headquarters based in Bracknell since 2014. With a strong Corporate Social Responsibility, the Honda Community is dedicated to contributing to the wellbeing of local communities around the world through their products. Honda first sponsored the Awards in 2017 and supports many charities both in the UK and globally.

Philip Ross, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe Ltd, comments: “Caring about families, neighbours and communities is at the core of Honda’s values as a company. Being based in Bracknell, the rejuvenation of the local community is a cause particularly close to our hearts, and we are immensely proud to be supporting and celebrating the achievements of Bracknell’s individuals at the Pride of Bracknell Forest Awards.”

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